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Mid summer [Aug. 2nd, 2009|07:47 pm]
[music |Memories from Cats]

Have had a wonderful summer weather wise. Mild with a decent mix of rain. Myself. That is another matter. My leg is huge, not getting any better. In fact, it's bigger with the skin weeping lymph fluid out of both the front and back. Don't need another trip to the hospital. Will have to see. Also, my sleep patterns are mucke up. Fall asleep at any time anywhere. Want a bad time. Fall asleep washing dishes and land on your back. Hurts like hell. I may have first stages of narcoplesy, but docs think it is just fatigue from sleep apnea. Getting a new cpap and they are adding oxygen as at full rest, I only have 86 percent of normal levels/
The horses and donkeys and such are all doing well. We lost Aubrey, our laid back simese cat. He lasted a long time but he was an old man. Some things you must accpt, as life is to be lived, and the blows given must be endured
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Ahh Sorubg [May. 13th, 2009|03:03 pm]
Is a nice spring. Not too hot and with good rains. So why did I get to spend another week in the hospital. Three years and three times I end up in there. Same thing this time with additions. Celluliltus. Or skin infected where the leg is so swollen. This trip, both legs. both aqrms and you name it. Was retaining water and was shutting me down. am better with massive water pill doses and I do hate foley catherers
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Delgiht to heartbreak [Mar. 23rd, 2009|10:32 pm]
[mood |sadsad]

I love my horses. I would kill anyone who hurts them. We took in a big Belgiam mare. She was being shipped to Canada for slaughter. She came with a six month old filly foal and settled in nicely
This week, the new foal she was carrying was born. Huge colt of eleven hands at birth. The mare rejected him. We dried him, got him so collestrim. got a big bottle and foal lac and started the hard job of raising a foundling. Looked good, We finally got a sheep nipple that he liked, he was drinking two liters per feeding. Eight times a day, had bonded with one of our Shetland mares and Sunday it all went to hell. He stopped feeding, would not get up and was gone before the sun went down. I had to have my help deal with the vet as I was too broken up to talk, I hate to brawl like a baby. But I hate losing them and it is worse when they are so young
He has galloped over the rainbow bridgem he is joing some old friends and I wait for my turn to join them
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A new Year [Feb. 3rd, 2009|02:14 pm]
Been a while. Have not posted much. MOst things stay much the same. My physical condition. Just gets worse. Can do very little on my own. Thank goodness for my helpers and friends.
The horses and donkeys are all doing well. We have two new calves. Coco and Comet are new members of my little herd now. Comet because she came Chrstmas eve and has a star on her forehead. Coco because she is a nice chocalate brown color, Both are healthy and now one more calf on the way and hoping for a little bull calf that can become, steak, ribs and chops
Mickey the new mini stusd is quite the guy, Got both my Black Tenbnesse Walkers trying to get in with him, while her Royal Highness, the queen of the small fry just wants to kick him. T
The two resuced, from a trip to a slaugherhouse in Canada, Belgim are doing good. Sally and her foal are impressive, or Sally is. The foal is getting there
This last week has been a bitch. Ice storm from hell. Five days without power, a couple where we did not have phones, ice so thick that it took hors to chip our way into the cars only to find that sheels would only spin, Not move, just spin,
We had just enough wood to stay warm and save the generator for important things. Lide TV.
Now waiting for spring. I know that there is at least one bass in my pond that exceeds twelve pounds. Want to catch her
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Rescue mission [Aug. 13th, 2008|09:19 pm]
[mood |pensivepensive]

DH and another of my friends are on the way back from a rescue mission. Place that our appy stallion had been sent to went south. We went to get him back and will take some time to reverse the weight loss, Also bring back a jack, a 26 inch torbinio stud and a Belgiam mare and her faol. We don't need them, have to many, but. I just could not see them going to the rendering plant. The mare is only five or so and well over 17 hands.
From what I have been told, there are some there that are in really bad condition..Just don't know as we can not help them all. but the SPCA might be able to help. Thoughts?
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Surprises [Aug. 8th, 2008|04:35 am]
[mood |relievedrelieved]
[music |Run for the roses]

Finally some good news for me. The surgery to repair my right knee has been approved. Only took three weeks after they approved the MRI. I still hate workers comp. I know they want me to die, I xoar roo muxh, and they sure want me gone before a bill to ajust permentent total disabled payments is passed in California.Had the procedure today, With my history of blood xlots and only half of my right lung, I an vert high risk. It's done and I should have almost full use of the leg in a week or so
We also had a scare as our youngest and smallest mini foal developed gas colic, got herself stuck upside down in the fence and scared the living daylights out of us. She was overheated, hurting and thank goodness she was only there for 15 minutes or so. Got her up, some banamine, Cool down with water and run her around while waiting for the vet. She got treated and better, next day, another hot day and she was still feeling poorly. More cold water and run her around. And she showed us why, A bit of the runs, She is fine today adn sill mad at me for pouring cold water on her. I would rather die myself then lose one of my friends
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Mid-summer [Jul. 31st, 2008|10:19 am]
Middle of for us, a moderate summer. Been dry the last few weeks, but got decent rain last night. Casught a monster out of my pond. Grass carp keep it clear of weeds, and are fun to catch. Caught one that had to go over twenty pounds, and on ultra light gear. FUN
The big ones go over forty and are damn near five feet long in my pond.
Horses are all doing well, we have good grass and waiting for the cows to drop their calves, When. Could be anytime as Clyde the bull was having a good time last fall with them
Myself, wish I could lose weight, wish I could walk without pain. But no joy there. The left leg will never be better and my right knee has failed. Any sudden movement or change of direction is searing, Even sleeping hurts. And Workers comp does not want to pay for surgery even though docs say it is because of injuries from my accident. Going to takie a while
Now to see if I can get in to see the new Batman movie. Looks like a gooden. LOL
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(no subject) [May. 30th, 2008|04:41 pm]
June is almost here, Been real nice weather, Have enjoyed it, enjoyed the rain which has been good so far. But my body continues on it;s downward path. My right knee has developed arthritis. A very painful case. It's gotten so bad that just standing up is a struggle, walking is painful, doing housework is a study in pain management.
I was given a cotizone shot. It helped for one whole day., Now they are looking at swurgery. I have had more then my share of time in the hospital. But something has to be done. Too much to do around here and too many things to enjoy. Like a pond full of three to ten pound catfish and bass that approch ten pounds. And all the hungry noses, all wanting attention and treats. Funny to watch the donkeys come charging at me when I do get out. They have to.
The horses pick up their ears and all head my way. We have three who are trained to ride now, and there is no way I can get up to ride. Not when it's too painful to sleep with the pain in the knee
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Spring, and sprung [May. 10th, 2008|11:19 am]
[music |Memories from Cats]

What can I say. Weather is wonderful. Rain has been kind to us. had one huge storm that dropped over ten inches. But did us no damage, Pond was way over it's dam. Vut the fishing has improved. Getting average catfish of three and four pounds and some bass to eight pounds. And on ultra light gear. Talk about fun, as they fight so hard nd hit so hard that they almost rip the rod out of your hand
The horses and donkeys are all doing well, we do have to feed one of the mares more as she has been nursing and needs extra. The cattle are in heaven. Spoiled rotten, and in the main field, with fresh seed and six to eight inches of growth of clover, orchard grass, brome, rye and other mixed grasses
Myself. Not so good Pain is constant and extreme. Knees are getting worse. Have gotten to the point that I almost need help to get up or even walk. Seems that all these years of dealing with the troubles with one leg has led to the complete destruction of the knee on the other leg, which leads to very bad posture and a super painful back.
I now know why animals will bite off a leg and I know why people will choose death. That is why I have this farm, because my horses need me as much as I need them
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Updating news [Feb. 15th, 2008|04:58 pm]
[mood |contentcontent]
[music |Tuesday Morning, The Moody Blues]

Been a long time. Still sad at losing Epona. She just ate herself to death. Nothing we did wrong, nothing to tell us that she was gulping down things she should not have been into, And she was in a smaller paddock. Only 100 by 250
Things havw calmed down. Have a new trucker friend moving in when he is not on the road. The rent he is paying me sure do help. And I like company. We do have to shut down half this place. The energy companies have done a good job of raping the folks. And the people who should be overseeing them are too busy taking bribes, aka donations. To break up this, all but in name monoploy thaat is the oil compaines All five of them
Tornadoes missed us. winter has been mild, and hope it's over soon. The ice storm was not fun, but we got out without any problmes
Myself. Lost over 40 pounds, and still a long way to go. All the fluid from my lymphademia is still sloushing around nand my leg is still a huge and painful log. Would make an elephant jealous. At least no more infections
At least I don't have to live with those wonderful folks from Madison Wisconsin. Wonder if they know, they they have taken the road that the Germans turned down in the 30's. And yes, I know what I just said. At least I have studied histroy. Found out that driving truck was more fun, mand paid better then teaching kids who don't want to learn
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